Northern Virginia Private Investigator – Child Custody

Child Custody

Custody cases can be difficult to navigate if you are not sure what a court will deem important. An investigator can get proof of the living situation of the child, the habits of the other parent or who is living in the household.

Custody in Virginia follows several principles. Some of the most important points to consider in your case are:

  • Who does the child really spend time with?
  • Is a significant other staying at the house or sleeping over while the child is present?
  • Does the other parent claim they are unable to pay child support due to unemployment?
  • Does the other parent abuse substances or take part in illegal activities?
  • Is the child properly supervised and cared for when they are with the other parent.

Ultimately, the best interest of the child will always be the most important factor.

We also offer surveillance for delinquent children. If you suspect your son/daughter is abusing substances or associating with the wrong crowd, contact us to discuss your your situation and options. Children often act out at some point during adolescence and they can be difficult to handle. If their habits are becoming potentially dangerous, you can intervene before there are any residual effects.

Client Testimonials

“I was going through a tough time with my ex and I needed a set of extra eyes on a loved one and desperately needed surveillance services. I was devastated to hear that my ex was abusing alcohol during the times he had our son.  Kevin at Select Investigation Group was professional, knowledgeable, as well as compassionate. All in all, they provided the professional and discreet surveillance services I needed.  You are true experts at observation and the use of the latest high-technology equipment, including: High Definition video cameras, hidden video cameras, GPS tracking devices etc.  I was amazed to see how clear my evidence was.  

If the need arises, I would hire you again without question. More importantly, I would DEFINITELY recommend you to others. You’re affordable and your quality of service is amazing! “

-Kristen S.