Northern Virginia Private Investigator – Adultery


Infidelity & Cheating Spouses

Divorce as a result of a cheating spouse can devastate a family, we are here to make this process run as painless as possible. If you suspect your spouse of cheating, protect yourself and find the truth with an investigator who not only understands discretion, but also empathy in this difficult time you may be facing. We will work with you closely each step of the way, as well as with your attorney if you have one to make sure we are doing everything we can to cater to your wants and needs to provide the best results possible. If you see signs that your spouse may be cheating, call us to discuss beginning a case.

It is important to remember that if you see any of the warning signs listed below that you donot confront your spouse or significant other. If cheating is not the case and you confront them, the trust in your relationship may be damaged. Also, keep in mind that if they are cheating, it doesn’t neccesarily mean the relationship is over. If both parties want to reconcile, it is possible with hard with hard work and focus on the marriage/relationship. 

Signs of a Cheating Spouse

  • Frequent last minute schedule changes or frequently works late.
  • Disconnected behavior, lack of communication and intimacy.
  • Frequent changes to passwords or unexplained charges to bank accounts.
  • A defensive or jittery nature when asked questions pertaining to whereabouts.
  • Increased or secretive social media use.
  • Abusive or extremely emotional reactions.

Cheating Spouses

“Earlier this year I found myself in a situation that no married person wants to be in.  My wife (to whom I had been so dedicated) was cheating on me and had meticulously planned out her future life without me. It was a future that included me paying a substantial amount of spousal support and her getting custody of our wonderful children. When I consulted with an attorney, he recommended that I hire a private investigator to get evidence of her adultery. When it comes to hiring a private investigator I needed a real professional; someone who thoroughly understands this sensitive line of work, communicates with me often, and is trustworthy. The professionals at Select Investigation Group exceeded my expectations in all of these areas and more. From the first night of the case they gathered important evidence. They know exactly what is needed for an “air tight” court case and efficiently move towards that goal until it is met. In the end, their services provided me with the ability to negotiate a much better divorce settlement where I pay no spousal support and get custody of my children.  In the long run they saved me money. But more importantly, they secured for me precious time with my most prized possessions, my children. If you have need for a private investigator, I recommend the professionals at Select Investigation Group without hesitation. They changed my life for the better and I’m confident that they will do the same for you.”

– Mike E, Woodbridge VA